A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The United States and Soviet Russia are attempting to conquer the world again! But who will gain the most territories?

Grab a friend and fly around the planet in your fancy zeppelins to find out. Hover above countries to gain political influence; but don't stay in one place for too long or your enemy may take over the whole rest of the world!

Extra wide screen recommended.

This game has been created for Southampton Game Jam 2017 and would not have been possible without my talented and dedicated teammates.

Team Name
Zepler Studios

Team Members
Teodor Nistor
Cristian Niculae
Iarina Dafin
Bogdan Stoicescu
Adelaida Creosteanu


ColdWar-v1.1-Win.zip 30 MB
ColdWar-v1.1-Lin.zip 33 MB
ColdWar-v1.0-Win.zip 31 MB


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I love this game! Please add nuclear option when youre losing so that losing is impossible >:)